Finished Works

The Bedroom Grande

The Bedroom Grande 48″ x 36″ A place of rest and play. Looks out onto a garden. The dreams have awakened and gone.

Lone Boat

Lone Boat Balboa Island, California. Small boat by the docks.

Tablerock No Clouds

Tablerock No Clouds Calm morning. Haze in the distance. Beach ready for action.


Sunbather – Crystal Cove, Corona del Mar, California When the angle is elevated, the depths are visable. How do you elevate the angle? Look down. See below the surface. Notice the green and blues that are loved. One person is closed off from a path that goes to one small portion of an inner sea. …

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Espresso Pair

Espresso Pair 14″ x 11″ Oil on canvas. The two hitmen of the morning. Dark and hot.