Yo Adrian. Rocky.

“It feels like a party every day. Hey Jesse!” said the college boy. I can and do manipulate my emotions at will. When I let go too much, I let Brahman poke me into the distress he loves. When I craft my own emotional responses and narratives, I’m not so much grabbing the tiller as …

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Moonset kingdom

He says he doesn’t like pines because the pollens give him allergies. The lines on the road here look like birthday candles, and there is a nice little leather glove on the road. Death has been chasing me this morning like these birthday candles. Is that serious? The animals don’t seem to care. Things change …

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You are here

Where are you now? Here alive, not dead.  Where are you headed?  Death. Where do you want to be?  Here alive.  You are here.

Flit fly

Change, change, change. Delta gate two. Fat man in surgery mask parks nearby. Nerves straight into the skull via the teeth. Who would like a root canal? The caterpillar mouth of a terminal tunnel waits to suck onto our departing shuttle, a long cross of a plane. To the forest. An emerald and yellow gem …

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The beheading

And the Kalliope crashed to the ground.  Curbside delivery. Asking the morning sounds for a hint of what’s to come.  A meteor shower blocked out by the clouds.  Did you see the burning flame balls, the cosmic bursting rocks while you slept? Are you good enough to dream behind the clouds? The morning coffee and …

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