About Philip Ryder Dunn

Bored out of my head in a re-education class for dangerous drivers, I started sketching my hand. That was three years ago. I continued to sketch a vase, then the faces of my children. My mom sent me some oil paints. I opened up those and painted one of my favorite photos of a harbor scene. 

Then I couldn’t stop. 

Now I have a few paintings in my gallery here. I use oils and canvas. Some are large 4′ x 3′. Some are smaller than 12″ x 12″. 

I’m inspired by the “open impressionism” of Erin Hanson. 

Sometimes my water scenes swirl and dance. 

I’m color blind to hues between blue and green, but strangely I’m attracted to those in the ocean and on the harbor. 

I live in Corona del Mar, California.

I love ice hockey, dogs, surfing, media studies and raising my wonderful children. 


Here’s a small sampling of what’s in the main gallery.

Table Rock

3rd Beach

Morning Mug

How it's done

Short painting process video of a Jungian bed coming together. A dreamy room coming together.

“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso