Magnolias Flowers against a gray wall. Balboa Island, California.

Balboa Channel

Balboa Channel 30″ x 40″ Time has got nothing to do with it. Things came together for this one. 47 years came together. But time has got nothing to do with it. A channel at the right time of day. But time has got nothing to do with it. First painting for me, but firsts …

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Charlotte Fountain

Charlotte Fountain (36″ x 24″) This is my 2nd attempt at oil painting. It seemed as if life knew exactly what it was doing, and as usual, my mind knew nothing. My experiment with surrender had taught me to always be present in the current moment and do my best to not allow my personal …

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The Bedroom Grande

The Bedroom Grande 48″ x 36″ A place of rest and play. Looks out onto a garden. The dreams have awakened and gone.