Email Updates: New Artwork

New Artwork Updates Receive a simple, discreet email when new works are complete. Nothing more. Nothing less.?? This one above is in progress. I’ll send up a flare when it’s complete in late December.

Tide Flow Laguna Beach Table Rock

Mossy Rock Reef Table Rock Laguna Beach, California (14″ x 11″) Reef prevent me from coming in. Ocean come in. Foam come forward. Rush to my feet. Me come to me. Cold water grab my feet. And rush up my spine. Ocean of wildness, Come quickly to me.

Boys on the Beach

Boys on the Beach (9″ x 12″) Is there any lesson about the switch from analog to digital, modern media, it???s that these moments we capture and record are trivial to the moment itself. Yes, there???s beauty in freezing life in time. But, that???s the lesson. Life is fluid. Once you live it, it???s gone. …

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Balboa Turn

Lighted Turn Balboa Island, California (22″ x 28″) There are turns, and there is light. The way is lit. The water around the way is deep. This path is known. Others are not. This path has a light. Others, no. This one has people watching. Others, no. Turn in the corner. Twist like a dancer. …

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