What does art do?

Art transports you and transforms your inner feelings. It also changes the room and provides unique experiences for anyone who happens into the space. There is a simple *magic* to well-developed artwork.

Unique sensations:

  • Peace
  • Brightness
  • Time-travel
  • Lightness
  • Profound mood change
  • Aspiration
  • Warmth
  • Delight
  • Escape
  • Mental travel
  • Philosophical shift

These moving experiences play out in very practical ways. A little bit of the magic seeps into the room and into the life of the person near the art.

Dazzle your guests

Art motivates conversation.

Some of my clients have art works that invite their guests into their own personal, interior world. One particular lifeguard stand I produced is relevant to their family story. It invites their guests into their story.

Analog wonders

Real, cherished art is powerful. It’s not like an Instagram post. It’s not a screenshot or a photoshopped, dazzling techno-mash-up.

It’s from the human hand. It’s textured. It has detail and feel, and smell of materials used by the masters. It’s non-digital. It’s a living thing that’s from one heart and hand to another. It comes from an eternal place.

Power and pull

A piece that commands a room has sway over the inhabitants.

Ask anyone who has meaning on their walls . . How does it prod them, day in and day out?

It pushes their mind back to beauty and goodness. It’s a very real way to reset a mood and clear out the jetsam of mind chatter.


There are other considerations. Art brings a few more things into a room, including:

  • Prestige. This one’s weird, but sometimes you can feel it. A bland room can become majestic.
  • A relationship with the artist. There are stories and feelings related to the human who created it. You get to know this when your know the artist.
  • Daily motivation. People get pumped by creation.
  • Joy. Artistic images produce chemicals in your body that are beneficial to your sanity and aspirations. Art is like an inspirational quote on steroids.

A note about materials

These canvases, boards and materials will live on far longer than any obsolete hard drive that requires an ancient cable to reconnect it in the year 2080. Art has a simple archival quality. It lasts like a rock that resists rain.