Who on earth

And who do you think you are? I am. That’s the start. The lights are on. I’m behind the eyes, awake as awake can be. I feel my life coming out in pencil. Code about things going on behind the eyes. But what is really going on? A story’s being told – story from self …

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Trust no thought

“Truth” happens when bunches of people get into agreement with one another. They huddle and nod yes, yes, yes, As the storm that kills all brews just beyond. The other truth happens alone, in a vacuum, with the absence of all distraction. With the beholding of all that’s observable here.

Sweet parts

The women with sweet parts come down the hill. And the only danger for a man is loss. But even with that, more comes and comes like the seeds within the bright holly berries to the side. Always provided to the knowing dummy. Two candle lanterns enmeshed with chain-link fence. Nature knows nothing of love. …

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What kind of drama?

Rings of silver, white, gray and black jiggle in the lighted still-life water glass. A splash of blue, a dash of yellow. Track lighting from above pierces down through the water and off the sides of the glass. Man delights not me, but certainly a glass of water on a black desk on a dark …

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