And if this universe, this one song, wants to know itself – wants to witness and celebrate its garden of unfolding;then what would an artist show it? The missed things. The mirrors that are passed by.The sound a moth’s wings make.Those of the crow, the bee and the shuffling sparrow in the bush. And why …

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Self making

You don’t become anything in this life – this life becomes you. The sons and daughters you birth shine back your flaws. The birds chirp absurd songs that mirror your chittering thoughts. Their noises just as fruitless as the ones you prize as your own. And the environment seeps into you, seeking two things: Play …

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Start this day. And what is to be started? A moving across a road and into small towns. Loving forward. Loving further. Driving to get somewhere but always being here. Always. Always. Always. You studied your here and always found yourself happy with it. Onward happy one.

Comedians again

All I want with sleep is to sleep better in order to wake better.To dream better in order to wake better. To energize better in order to God better. How do I God today? God is a verb some say.What am I God actioning today? What culmination comes from my philosophy?What grandiosity comes from a …

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Love all wrong

And what is love? And what if we got love all wrong? What would have been wrong about the getting. To think of it as an achievement. A puzzle. Or something that solves something else. There’s some error. What’s to puzzle? A thing that’s always around and mostly ignored. That’s a puzzle. How is it …

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