Oh puppy waiting for a Frisbee.

Oh dreams of last night.

Planning to spill lead scratches out of my pencil here.

Oh talent build me up.

Oh gods and monsters tear me down for a later drama that sings like symphony.

Oh titanium white bringing eye maps to my canvas.

Oh pain in my thumb from so much scribbling of thought across a journal.

Further and farther – the first birds of the day about to make a racket.

Oh punctuation stopping and starting me.

Me stopping and starting me.

The only prevention being a man out of energy.

But he naps like a king and pushes art into the days ahead.

Oh ear of listening. Beam of light on the street glistening.

Oh lovely blue-gray lighting up a coastal town for me and me only.

Oh coyote heading back to your bushy den.

And the wonder of a lonely, bony hand scratching across this dome of mine.

Oh thoughts wind down this pencil and attack the day.

Like it’s your last. All-in-all out there.