Surrender Pattern

A young boy of maybe six years cries then laughs then throws a stick my way. He grabs it near my chair then throws it at his mom. A woman in a red bandana on her head and a matching patterned bathing suit. Sea birds fishing for sardines or anchovies. Bandana woman poses herself for …

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Rooms in the mansion

Dream about renting out rooms in my mansion. I am, and the lights are on. Consciousness, that’s all. Nothing more to it. No goo-ruuu nonsense petals emphatically pronouncing the flower. Awake, aware of appearance. There’s predictability and pattern to what appears, but that’s just the bumpers, the rails, the rules of this particular groundhog game. …

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The WThe Wedge Newport Beach California


When you paddle into a big wave, you’re committed. When you enter into the asylum, you’re committed. The physical push yields a return of energy from ocean to body, from sea to feet. The mental push yields a return of dissociation to association, from entropy to order, from freedom to imprisoned, from individual to group. …

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By what brighter star?

Oil on concrete. Water on the oil. Color on the ground. By what brighter star might you navigate? You want your self to understand. Who is you? By what brighter star might you navigate? A song lyric that reads your mind. By what brighter star might you navigate? The striped rungs on a palm tree. …

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The color yellow says something bright. Something so different than the others. The sky behind comes through thick tropical clouds. A dawn noticed. One day’s version of itself again. A blue fungus dusts the tops of the rail ties, and water pushes the entire world around, like a soft but bossy conductor. The dog fusses …

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