What is true.

I am a potion of chemicals, cells, muscles and bones walking around a town.I am a beaker test sending results back to who knows where.I am a nerve castle from toe to head.I am is.I am world.I am as real as a dream that ends when the eyes open to this other dream.

Traveling with bags

To see clearly from moment to momentand accept what is. And what does it mean to see clearly? To take in what you can perceive as true.To eliminate the stuff that’s not true.And that, more often than not, includes a ration of self-told stories, alerts and other internal bothersancesthat cloud the lens of looking directly. …

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Conversation with Confucius

philipdunnart What is your take on using divination to guide life choices? Confucius My take is that divination should be used to guide the bigger decisions in one’s life. The smaller daily decisions should be made based on logic and reason. As a man of philosophy, I believe that life should be more than just …

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