Things show up for you because of the algorithm.

“These are not popular headlines,” he said. “It’s obscure stuff.”

“So they just show up for you because of the algorithm?” she asked.

“Yes,” he said.

And the thinking goes that the algo is somewhere, controlled by a team of geniuses.
But you’re the genius.
You trained the machine.
The others just monetized the outer game.
Your attention guided the algo.
Your penchant for storytelling gives you back what you want.
There could be no better example of the complex mirror world.

And the songs show up.
The breeze.
The characters – the NPCs and the playable ones.
The seasons encircle you with them.

There’s an intelligence of others and an intelligence of you.
And the sum intelligence which brings those in line with big mind.
And your eyes flex to let in what you prefer.
And your ears strain to hear the things you’re partial to.

Even the things you despise will delight you in some small way.