If you’re in an argument with life – what would it be about and why?
What’s the reason here?
Why reason?
Is there such a thing as logic?
Not really, but there is a peeling away.

What matters?
What is this little part of the biology that says I’m important?
What function does that little bugger serve?
Except only to move his DNA forward.
And where is forward?

The fly has no importance.
The table none.
The dog seems like it does, but that’s probably just the human placing importance onto it.
Why make a fuss over seeing clearly?

The happiest of egocentrics wallow with exhaustion in the mud and flood.
The man pretending to be wise has lied to himself with a contrivance called faith.
That man pretending to have won the game decorates himself with ornaments – like he’s a Christmas tree everyone wants.

Yet not any one leaf in a tree is more superior, wise or more exhausted than another.
They will all burn or blow away some day.

So this is the argument?
Am I better, am I worse?
Am I worthy?
Am I judged?
Am I right or wrong?
Do I matter or not?

You are none of it, and you are not even a matter to be considered.
That is your crowning liberation, little Jesus!
Get out of your mind and flow into what’s happening, little Buddha.

There is no argument in nature.
Only bursting forth and snuffing out.
Both of them done in slow motion and fast.
Some spend 120 years snuffing out, never to enjoy the bursting forth.
Some flit about in joy and wander directly into a bright flame of ending.
A crazy moth ignited by fire.

Most do a medium-speed tug-of-war with distraction and brief insight.
Those in the middle are perhaps tortured the most.
Never knowing that all is brightly lit – like the off-camera gourmet buffet.
The distractions are pure illusion, like a pacifier in their mouths.