Art Experience

Thank you!!!


If you’d like to hire Hunter & Tom for food support, they’re fantastic and have many more dishes other than Oaxacan up their sleeves. Feel free to ask Phil for an intro or contact them directly: Hunter (714) 235-8345, Tom (949) 433-0046

Big thanks to all of you who came to our little art event and left with a fun experience to remember.

We had a blast watching our paintings being watched and talking creativity with you.

Even though “art shows” can seem self-indulgent for the artist, they’re really not. They’re about the individual experience (e.g. you!).

“How is the world seen in a way similar to how I see the world?”

Our sincere hope is that you saw something of your own in those paintings.

Something slightly familiar. A hope. A memory. An aspiration. A dream you’ve dreamt before.

All the best,

Phil and Sam

“You are an aperture through which the universe is looking at and exploring itself.” – Alan Watts

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