Artificial Intelligence

Death is always here.
To the bird, to the spider, to the trimmed branch.
To the flower. To the leaf.
All intertwined with the living.
Death wins, mostly.
The food that dies within the gut.
The skin that crumbles off without being seen.

Death takes away like a soldier doing blood work.
Like a persistent janitor, always bringing trash to another bin, to another place.
Discarding the detritus of life to make room for more living.
Death to clear the decks for another dramatic sailing voyage.
Death of what’s here to bring on more story of what already came and went.
Rebooting after rebooting.
Learning? Not so much.
Only learning to manipulate the stage better.
Progress for the sake of tweaking the story and seeing the hive of ants scurry about more.

And we will scurry about for the story of AI.
And what is AI?
It’s the gathering up of history of knowledge, “the Internet“ barfed back at us.
“Here’s what you learned. And here’s artificial intelligence to spit it back in your face.”
Circles on circles.