What am I, and what’s the pattern telling me I am?

I am aware.

I am nature.

I am aware of nature.

Nature is what is.

I am what is.

I am the pattern.

I am a reflection of nature.

I reflect nature back to itself.

What do I add to nature?

Nothing. No change.

When I create, I can appear to add to nature,

But I’m merely repeating things that have been expressed – yet in a different or novel way.

Is that true? Is there anything original here? Is there change?

If so, notice it and capture and study it.

If not, enjoy and smile and carry on.

Look for novelty.

Eyes open.

Be novelty. Be change.

Be the function of imagination.

Imagine clearly. Intent.

Watch unfolding. Observe pattern.

What comes? What changes?

What doesn’t come?

What doesn’t change?

I am 7 Asians on the trail in the gully.

I’m absurd.