Finished Works

Love story

It’s possible, but improbable, that a bird has a song of hope. Only a fool would put that kind of emotion onto a nerve bulbed by a pea brain. But the fool is wise, and he can put a song of hope into a single cell protozoa. He can put ambition and complicated satisfaction onto …

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Creation is not only what the world wants;It’s what you want.You nurse a pathetic orchid just to see it bloom once more.You write words down, hoping they’ll sound good at a later time.And you revisit leaves of grass for the comfort that someone also thinks that way.And small water vapor will form into dew on …

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Punching goddess

Describing things I think are real. Bright eyes. Orange and blue sky crossed slowly by gray, lumbering low clouds. Dog smell, wet from the harbor. Seeing with open eyes. What would my blank walls look like with the thoughts of another? Where would the portal door open to? Why, the same Earth, of course. A …

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Email Updates: New Artwork

New Artwork Updates Receive a simple, discreet email when new works are complete. Nothing more. Nothing less.?? This one above is in progress. I’ll send up a flare when it’s complete in late December.