The lamp

How much of the lamp is the light? The post The reflector The element The filament The glass The aurora The halo spikes beyond the source The waves of bright cast out How much of the lamp is the light? And what of it entered into my eyes? What of it projected from mine? All …

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A movie called awareness

The trail The sound The light The wind The space The deceiver The NPCs The limited change The fire in the sky The bomb in the bushes The big change The realization The settling The redemption “It is fire in its warmth. It is wind in its mobility. It is space in its extension.”


What am I, and what’s the pattern telling me I am? I am aware. I am nature. I am aware of nature. Nature is what is. I am what is. I am the pattern. I am a reflection of nature. I reflect nature back to itself. What do I add to nature? Nothing. No change. …

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Three stories

For the one on the other end. . . You either: A) Lost your phone 2) Lost your enthusiasm III) Lost your mind Three entirely different roads.

Small truths

I’ve seen the owl. I’ve seen the bobcat. And they don’t believe me. Miracles of nature in their midst, and they deny it. Nothing so lovely as a grand nature animal from a Yosemite or a Yellowstone could be in their backyard. There’s nothing here but work and cars and mornings with coffee and interminable …

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