Comedians again

All I want with sleep is to sleep better in order to wake better.
To dream better in order to wake better.
To energize better in order to God better.

How do I God today? God is a verb some say.
What am I God actioning today?
What culmination comes from my philosophy?
What grandiosity comes from a painter poet character.

I could make it a day of sharing.
I could make it about flowers among death.
I could make them see we’re blooming again.
Together again.
Phoenix rising from the ashes.
Born again, prodigal son returned.
Music queued.
Song on the turntable again.
James Taylor.
Sounds from my youth about villains.

By villains, sufferers, rapists, drug addicts.
Flawed men on a mountain top.
Down, out, then back again and jailed again.
Geniuses tortured by their own minds.
The horror. The horror.