Dog knows

The dog only knows the noun.
There’s the word squirrel, and she knows what that is.
‘Coyote’ and she goes bananas.
Bunny is known.
But not ‘not a squirrel’ – she doesn’t know that.
There’s no such understanding as the ‘not noun.’
She responds the same to not it as it.
She knows isness but not the thought of is not being.
So whatever is here is true.

There are appearances to nature.
But there are no such things as not appearances.
How could you fear something that’s not here?
It’s a fake story.
The dog doesn’t even understand maybe.

But she can be tricked by the false human call of a noun.
And the faking of a ball thrown in one direction.

Take away the human trickster, and she’s whole again.

So when the coyote comes, she does what’s appropriate in her bones – in her code.
When the squirrel chatters she chases it up a tree.

A dog is an understander of some small truths a human actor can never fathom.