Find the worm

Live up the illusory dance,
even though it’s known as fake.
Nothing is more important or less important than anything else,
so there’s no way to waste time.
And time is meant to be wasted – fallacies abound otherwise.
Do, do not, try, etc.
No mulling over of what needs to be done.
Just doing that which strikes as necessary.
If only that.
No failure if that’s not done.
Inaction not an excuse for action.
Action not an excuse for inaction.
Neither groping for relevance.
A spider doing a web because spider does web.
Man walking.
Man talking.
Man painting.
Man surfing.
Man convincing another man to allow him life as if another man were God.

Magic works on behalf of non-doing man?
What magic works on behalf of a bird finding a worm or a seed?
Certainly not an attention to a clock or a schedule – just a pursuit of a known –
a worm or a seed. Intent . . . and finding.