And the woman at the park disparaged football.
And the men at the park bristled at the heresy.
A player hating the game.
But no doubt the woman never played the game of football.
So that’s the part of it.
It’s easy to dislike the unknown.
Just like some of those same men might disparage hockey or soccer because they never played either game.

And the people might come to behold and discuss art but many will walk away much more impressed by the food, the wine and the piano.
Because they’ve eaten, drank and listened before.
But the artist protests they all know beauty.
They can all understand a stroke of color.
Art is their earliest game – creating something from nothing.
They did it as toddlers, kinder childs and grammar schoolers.
They crafted a wonderland out of this sterile promontory.
Until the game of something from nothing was chased from their hearts.

But they’re back now as adults – understanding the promise again – knowing the art on the walls is theirs.
Knowing the game from the inside.
Feeling it.