If the evidence is man and man is nature,
then nature wants to see itself.
The galaxies want to witness their unfoldings and destructions.
Witnessing in the mirror.

Stars in placid lake reflections.
Ring cameras on every block with dozens of eyes to review them.
Phones in pockets for recordings and reviews.
Nanny cams and drone cams.
Time shifted football plays to see greatness one more time.
Satellites for watching everything.

Always looking, looking, looking.
But for what?
For novelty.
For change.
For drama.
For story.
For sense.

But then a burst of sound pierces the morning.
Coyotes and their pups scream, bark and cackle over a kill.
So it’s about hearing.
Oh, and smelling, touch and these other senses of witnessing.

But why?
Why the play?
Why the building and tearing down?
For satisfaction?
For excitement?
For proof of something happening amongst nothing?

Maybe just to behold what happens to be.
Maybe for the miracle of one day arising.
For every tree and bush growing one inch taller.
For colors that shift so slowly.
For stars that turn around a northern center.
For animal to meet animal on a barren plane
to see what happens next.