If infinity

If infinity
would quickly devour me

I’d see the sun had been turned out
and moon plunged into sea

All tales eradicated
All evidence annihilated

The toads and hares and worms and bears
all incinerated

The purple leaves of plastic trees
The mustard seed
of focused greed
The bugs on trails
The wins and fails
The rocks in patterns
Lights and lanterns

Mary Poppins, Peter Pan
And Michael Stipe’s true Superman

All on pyre
Eternal fire

And bring me back
oh seed of life
Circle me infinity

I see your curves and close them off
S on chest to eight of fate

The manhole covers named for lovers
S for sewer, D for dance
A no-side Edison romance
The monuments of daily chance

Walking home for years alone
Feeling you inside the bone

Nothing touches the one in me
The absolute infinity

Beaten, robbed and trod upon
I gladly wander on and on.