Why on Earth is it so important to do something here?

Who says so?

What’s important to do?

Who defines important?

If one were to do something “important,” what would be the outcome or result?

Heroism? Saving a life?

Life is awareness? Awake-ness? Life is appearance?

What to craft of awareness and appearance?

Be aware of things other than what’s considered “reality.”

What is done is of no consequence. How it’s done is huge.

Saying something out loud is something that needs to be improved upon.

Truth is, no one thing is more important than another.

Doing is a choice.

Doing creates change out there.

Non-doing creates change out there?

What is doing?

Talking to people.


Making things.

Writing things.

Sharing what people say.

Sharing what you say.

What do you say?

Does it matter?

What could Philos say that would be different?

Is thrashing in the world useful? For show, yes. For real – it’s close to evil, tiller white knuckling.

What is happening?

Take what happens.

Play, play, play.