Why not act out a wonderful, simple play . . .
right here on earth . . .
for the gods in the front rows
or for the seats of the gods who might be there some day.
To be more fearless in a quest for truth.
And that means drop the bullshit like “quest for truth.”
It’s here. Notice it.
The actors are good at their nonsense. Don’t get distracted.
All of them liars – like god the cheeky liar.
Fantastic performers hitting lines fed to them by state agencies.
Don’t waste time being a heretic – you’ll only find trouble.
Step out of the way.
Let things go – surrender, abide, blah.
Don’t prefer any outcome.
Be curious to the next happenings, but don’t be surprised if they’re boring.
You know the miracles all around you.
The real whales.
The weather vane tin whales.
The man on the trail.
The bird woman right after the blue heron.
The barn owl.
The great horned owl.
The taste of melon in a prickly pear.
A woman coming and going like a skittish party guest.
Those who think they’re in control of something.
A charming couple on YouTube who turn out to be porn stars.
Delightfully 2022.
Remember the play.
Remember they’re actors.
They say lines they think sound good, but they know not what they say.
Or do.
Memento mori.
And you the one who delights in nature.
Seeing perfection.
Wanting to see a bliss parade and, wow, there it is.
Calmness in the chaos.
A smile when all is terrible.
A laugh at a funeral.
An appreciation for the devastation of fire.
Is that all there is to a fire?
A dancer on Armageddon.
One with rhythm when no music is playing.
A wanting, the way you want for clear knowing and lovely color seeing.
Lenses off, put away and myths subsided.
Truth understander.