Why is this bunch of nerves sampling this world?
Am I a planet probe?
Am I reporting back to something else?
What’s to report?

I am a ghost in animal form.
Am holy ghost actioning via jellyfish nerve body.
Spirit draped within the walking alien octopus.
Am thinking-doing.
Am imagining-doing.
Am dreaming-doing.
Am ego, loving-making-life-difficult-doing.

But am also the son.
The form of God.
Vessel taken to have God experience in dream.

And am formless – God itself before an idea of two-ness.
One only. Am one only.
Am all dream.
Am all beyond dream projector.
Am cave,
light on wall,
light of coal,
light of sun,
light of sun’s galaxy,
light of black hole gone,
light of big bang,
light of all other bangs,
light of start,
light of no start.