Love story

It’s possible, but improbable, that a bird has a song of hope.
Only a fool would put that kind of emotion onto a nerve bulbed by a pea brain.
But the fool is wise, and he can put a song of hope into a single cell protozoa.
He can put ambition and complicated satisfaction onto the face of a junk yard dog.
His wisdom puts power into color, charm into the uncharming, sexy into the cold fish, philosophical revelation into the script of an automobile commercial on TV.
He can make a three act drama out of an itch, a scratch, a scab, a blood letting, an injustice, a revenge and a marriage.
He can make a death sentence by crucifixion into a love story.
Beauty from the most gruesome of things.
So, yes to the wise fool.
The bird contains a song of hope.
The cars are going somewhere delightfully important.
The Picasso-faced woman is a beauty about to be crowned.
The morning coffee births a day of inexplicable awe.