Moonset kingdom

He says he doesn’t like pines because the pollens give him allergies.

The lines on the road here look like birthday candles, and there is a nice little leather glove on the road.

Death has been chasing me this morning like these birthday candles.

Is that serious?

The animals don’t seem to care.

Things change when you change your speed. The faster pace brings a different feeling.

The smell of honey suckle as I walk past the ski chute.

The moon glows so hard from the reflected light of the sun.

Everything with the light, as if this for your final day. You will die at night so get the pleasures that are herein today.

And the kitty litter cross appears to be a soaring white bird.

And the French bulldog sings.

There could be nothing more pretentious than artists.

Have you ever heard the sound of one hand clapping? Yes. Have you ever heard a ringed finger tapping on a glass bottle? Yes. What makes this sound? Imagination.

Moonset kingdom.

A certain amount of sloppiness is totally allowed. But you do really well with perfection. And the sign says restoration.