We’re all rodents here, with plenty of food.

Illusions of lack abound.

The only task is to widen the eyes and see what’s really going on.

And what is that?

We are in the midst of an explosion of natural gifts.

We snuff out a mosquito, a possum or an ugly potato bug, and thousands of others come to fill the bench.

Our luck and loves keep pouring forth. When one goes, another takes its place.

The grass is constantly swapping out for another lawn.

The sky keeps darkening and brightening.

The Amazon trucks deliver things crafted by faraway foreigners over and over.

The dance floor fills up then vacates then floods full again.

The south swell pounds the beach, then a weak west takes its place, only to clear the way for another booming south.

A foam plank goes beneath the feet, then another of a different size and shape.

The ocean’s long distance humming pulses across miles and then into bouncing, pumping, skating feet and legs.

What could all the gathering of experience and vibration mean?

Forcing energy through a playground, a garden, and into what appears to be a dead-end of a brain.

Gathering up delight, tragedy, surprise, awe, deceit, boredom and fear to flush it through an absurd filter of gnashing neurons.

What benefits from this awkward, silly process of emergence and disappearance?

A magic trick of some goofy cosmic observer.

For the one.

For neo.

For you.