The anti-script

Roads less traveled . . .
You could just as easily forgo the script and think yourself a maverick by deciding not to have children and eschewing the staid routines.

But if you think yourself a clever one and decide you’re now a character that gets bonus toys like Teslas, tickets and tennis club privileges . . .
and upgrades like a life of turning your nose up at toddlers, then you’ve missed the opportunity.

Little ones are joyous whether you birthed them or not.
They’re also evil in fascinating ways.

And toys are just that – dull objects bereft of meaning . . . well, boring things that assume any meaning you give them.

And there’s the rub.
You are that also.

A boring thing bereft of meaning until you fashion some worthy plot or purpose.
Whatever that is can be the show in your Plato cave.

But don’t think you’re hot shit for doing any of it.
It’s all been done before.
And, in many cases, much more elegantly. 🙂

Oh, and “worthy” is a bullshit word.