The curious case of John McAfee (Part 1)

A man comes across a computer virus, something called the Brain Computer Virus.

It terrifies him.

This virus breaks a constructed biological system – a computer.

An artificial animal attacks another artificial animal.

This man knows about computer viruses. He’s one of the first to know.

He creates an anti-virus computer software company.

The anti-virus is another sort of artificial program that removes the artificial virus program from the original artificial biological system.

It kills the virus that infects the computer.

Part of the anti-virus business involves popularizing the fear of computer viruses.

Creating “awareness.”

Mr. McAfee becomes the storytelling expert – tracking thousands of “known” viruses and explaining the methods of their havoc.

The world of computers becomes infected with viruses that threaten to undermine the dream of computing.

What is the dream of computing?

To offload the brain of man into an outside container and decision machine.

How strange is that?

Mr. McAfee’s calls to alarm generate high levels of concern.

His awareness-generation creates fear.

His solution to fear sells briskly.

He becomes wealthy.