Traveling with bags

To see clearly from moment to moment
and accept what is.

And what does it mean to see clearly?
To take in what you can perceive as true.
To eliminate the stuff that’s not true.
And that, more often than not,
includes a ration of self-told stories, alerts and other internal bothersances
that cloud the lens of looking directly.

There are noises that are not here, and those start in you.
There are sites not seen, and those come from false eyes in your brain.
There are feelings wholly foreign to the scene you are in.
Feelings crafted like magic
from memories born of distant past lies —
colors of emotional, counterfeit things,
so fully unrelated to what’s really here.

So much smelly baggage,
and a knowing sense from your smarter self
that the sore muscles from carrying those bags
built up no practical strength in you.

All that lugging was for nothing.