Alienation games

If you think of the world as a world of stories – because that’s what it is –
then you can see that the worst stories try to control and mind-fuck the herd in some way.

They’re collective, they’re sloppy, and they have no honor for the individual thinker –
the rationalist observing the here-now truth.

They hijack the many by some narrative that moves resources to hustlers, drugs,
distractions, wine, politics, beer, spirits, churches, coaches, gurus,
toys, publishing, Instagramming, blah, blah, blah.

All the effective stories and the attention they gather
deplete the individual of autonomy, time, and money.

You should not be at that table.
Just as you should not play poker with those smarter than you at poker.

And you should not practice poker unless you love the drama of
loss and misery contrasted with theft and triumph.

Not that any game is bad, but that time spent hustling duality is time
with eyes off of the ball (or the real cards dealt).

Distracted from the one, a man wastes thought and life force on games of alienation.