And you are?

 Who is you?

But wait. Back up.

Start with a scientific example first.

Gravity is true. Correct. Then go forward miles down that road and say, “you walk across this earth plane, this ball.”
Then ask yourself, is that true, scientifically?

Who says you do all that stuff? That simple assertion of man across surface.
It seems to be you who does. And what proof do you have that witnesses are witnessing any of it?

Better yet, there’s a horrendous lack of scientific proof that you exist.

So who is you? What are you?

The only thing you can possibly prove is that you exist.
Because you are here to witness something like a gravity with the senses you’re equipped with.
And that’s the end of it.
You are aware of things like gravity, yourself, a surface, the earth and so on.
So the only proof of you is “lights on,” awake, aware, “I am.”
That’s all, you know.

All else is untrue.
Yes, there’s some kind of agreement or lie, of course.
Hordes agree on all kinds of narratives.

But the story you’re concerned with is subtle. It says, “are you separate?”
“Do you exist apart from anything?”

And is what you do fate or volition?

Many philosophers much smarter than I have contorted to prove that there is no fate.
No chance.
No story.
No agency by the human.
All is done – finished at the creation of the universe.

And all plays out. All for you and by you. Why? Because.

All we know, ehem, all you know, is that you are aware.
This is the why behind ‘surrender to what is.’
Sure, act out scenarios.
Display agency, effort and attempt.
But know that everything that is, is fine.
And you are what is.
Your action is for your own amusement.

You’re the beginning and beneficiary of all of it.

So act out of boredom.
Or excitement. See.
Act out frustration or bliss.
Defeat or triumph.
Mundane or magnificent.
You’re pulling the levers and those are simply reactions to what is.