Bench time

A lichen and moss covered wood bench.
Squirrels discarding acorn husks from above.
Just out of range from being skulled.
Nike the dominant shoe walking by.
Rarely an Asics; never a bougie ON brand shoe.
Lots of white Air Force.
The occasional Blundstone boot.
Vans for the skaters and concert hipsters.
An injury boot hobbles by.
Doc Martens.
A shoe something we’re allowed to look at without drama.
Less invasive than a stare into eyes or body parts.
Mom jeans everywhere.
She will make love and babies.
She may be ambushed as prey and become angry.
Both will revolutionize, revolve and bloom to loves of their own making and awakening.
And a reminder of death right in the center of it all.
Pioneer cemetery on the UofO campus.
Charming headstones among redwoods, dandelions, Queen Anne’s lace, dry grasses and straggling, thorny blackberry vines.
A perfect field for whistling and adding another moment to the file cabinet of limited time.