Desire diet

And the man wants dandelion tea or dandelion capsules or just dandelions.
Always wanting some bettering of the vessel while the vessel deteriorates.
But the self improves until another wanting comes nagging forth.
A wanting of caffeine for more caffeination.
A wanting of sunlight for circadian reset.
A wanting of muscle mass for blood pumping.
Always another place to be for this web of blood and bones.
But the real center of it – the spider in the middle – is elusive.
The self that looks away when witnessed.
The unwanting pioneer of further interest and curiosity.
But not a curiosity for desire.
A curiosity for looking’s sake.
Witnessing because some things may not be witnessed again.
A 5AM train horn blaring boldly past the depot.
Massaging fingers across the top of a round, round skull.
Dragonfly seed wings from the maple above scatter on the grass.
So many flavors of faces – some familiar, some not – on an ambitious campus.
A self knowing collections ephemeral but patterns eternal.
The spider disappears again so the web can eat mist and rain.