What is fear but a prevention mechanism?
Prevention of what?
Of chance?
Of development?
It’s not some homily from the “just do it” crowd.
Or we’d all be nuked by now, by some fearless chap with a finger on a button.

Fear could be a prevention of what’s indicated.
An argument with the gods.
Eating when not hungry.
Sleeping while quite up and alert.
Thinking when it’s time to move like a holy ghost.

A denial of who you are so much so that you appear as an imposter to the character you once presented.

What’s to be argued?
Fear being a disagreement with what’s blatantly going on.
Fear as an exercise in logic gone haywire.

What’s to be prevented?
The unfolding of the world?
An organizing and an entropy?
The human tragedies?

Yes, a death is un-preferred.
Logic would have you eat rather than starve.
But when you starved, a clarity beyond logic emerged.
You saw the grain seed for what it was – your energy coming back to you.
What could be feared in that?

Startling at your own face in the reflection on a pond.
Like a puppy’s first encounter with a mirror.

But another logic would have you create demons where none exist.
Like CGI ghouls on a movie set’s green screen.

The fear of something after you . . .within your own mind.
Not hallucinations or voices in the head, as to the wild man on the street.
Those would be small truisms.

These would be carefully crafted possibilities that most likely will never come true.
Like Twain’s quote about lots of worries that never happened in life.

Only one bogeyman awaits.
Get comfortable with him.

But fear. Fear within the living state?
What for?
To prevent discomfort?
Like eating whale meat with a whale bone knife and fork.

One of the more dazzling fears would be the fear of the imagination of another.
What does he think of me?
How does she perceive the character I’ve so carefully assembled?
Truth is, they don’t care.
They’re too busy pouring energy into the characters they’re writing.
You are an NPC in their CGI worlds.
Deal with it.

But to fear no thing but consensual reality.
That would be the knowing of grace.
In disagreement with all the self.
Denial of the shared dream.
Fear banished by holy decree.

Of course, knowing momentary pain and hunger and discomfort as the realities they are.
But war, famine and annihilation?
Those take time and careful planning.
And many times they don’t come to fruition.
And you’re left to stare at a face in a pond.
Wondering why you startled as a child.