And everyone says, “I don’t do drama.”
But if they’re players in the game, they have to.
Drama is the currency and the purpose of the stage play.
The directors, writers and producers see it for what it is.
But the actors, if they’re good, think it’s real.
Believed feeling fuels the drama, so maybe that’s the true currency.
To have a name-able emotion is to live, say the actors.
To recognize untruth and truth is the curiosity of the producer and the playwright.
To know that all history is fiction.
To know that all fiction is direction and gumption.
A fantasy something remotely possible in the wind.
A few pixels of disturbance in the bitmap.
Of course, manifesting’s a fool’s errand.
The body and mind already manifested.
Agency merely a tool of the lighting engineers, and desire relegated to the actors.
A sandbox that’s impossible to exit.
All that can be done is tinkering with the dialogues, the marks and the lighting.
There are opportunities for tears and explosions, but those are special effects, CGI of the impassioned state.
And why not participate in that?
There are thrills to be had.
Until there are not.
[fade to black]