Thou art

Sitting around with the glow of a pre-dawn street lamp – one notices what it is.
Of course, it’s energy from the sun re-routed through a power plant.
And from there, re-routed through the byproducts of decayed vegetation from millennia before.
But the glow is more than that.
Against the black, it pulses rings and a fog of white.
It is light designed for people.
A miniaturization of a sun god – one crafted by the intellect of engineering man.
And the stoplights do something similar.
If you’re still with them long enough, you’ll see the waves.
And those waves are somehow a part of your own eye.
A biologist could tell you about it.
Yet there are three colors broken out of white.
And millions more broken out from those.
And your eyes see green but also many ice blues, aquas and whites within what seems green.
And pinks, purples and fires within what seems red.
And whites, golds and wheat within what seems yellow.
Rings upon rings of pulsing color.
And all without hallucinogens.
It’s always there.
You just never stopped to look.
You wanted the information about the intersection too quickly.

And you are an energy from that sun and that oily vegetation sent through tractors and into fields fed by melted snow and nitrogen.
You are that.