Kill the character

And what are you afraid of?
No self. Yes.
Starting with no “success” or authoritative approval for the character so assiduously crafted.

No relevance.
As in, once Shakespeare is dead, Shakespeare is no longer relevant to Shakespeare.
Worse yet, very few care about a Shakespeare centuries later.

Ultimately it’s the fear of the end of whatever this person is.
Death of the character.
The end of what you thought was so important.
But oddly, something new and different always comes from the reborn person.
The person after the death.

In this day, this week, this year, this life,
throwing off judgement and authority might be one of the tools for throwing off fear of no self.

Always with the group, fear of insignificance.
But strangely there is no one significant.
All of that is story.
Agreement by society and false-authority.
The truth is that you craft whatever experience you want here and now.
You live the dream.
Or you live the nightmare. 

We all fear the same thing and it’s the root of all worry.
It’s why billionaires can be neurotic. 

You and I are sounding boards for the self.
Whatever the self is.
And we live in a mirror world. 

The pretending to please authority is the struggle. 

And it turns out, the only authority is the self. 

You are master and slave. . . but it’s best to stay in the master role for the sake of the good dream.