Wordless world

What is silence?
What is without a word?
Crows with no word, flying to an ocean with no word.

The way a flag gets pushed by a negligible wind has no word.

And do the crows think they have a word when they caw?
Does a man think that a crow might think it has a word with its caw?
Does a man think a thought for every animal and thing?

A thought for the measurements of lumber that holds a pane of glass in a window.
A thought for the juices of a tree and the electrons of juice flowing to a street lamp.
A thought for the sky, the tide, and the flavor of coffee from one brand to another.

Wash away all the words and something must be here.
The game played for the sake of what?

A sun rising to illuminate another day of chance for the eyeballs scouring the earth.
For those of bird, beast, and man.

For those trying to be part of a wordless world.