News flash

Who are you?
Who means character in dream state.
So that’s not what you’re after.

What are you? is much more scientific.
Bones, nerves, salt water blood bag.
Emotioner, storyteller, liar, dreamer.

You move your world and sometimes others’ through 99.999% emotion.
That’s all there is in the arena of lunacy.

Even a personal computer or an iPhone is an emotion manipulation device.
It’s all story.

So what is the 0.001%?
Lifting objects, moving things.
All you can do for effect and change is move things around the environment.
Maybe grow some food in the garden.
Watch some flowers come from seeds.
Shuffling chairs on a deck of the Titanic.

You can clean and polish and move the pictures on the walls.
But you really never change the scene
until you move about in the world and pay detailed attention to nature.

Which brings us to: Where are you?

The other questions like, how are you? and why are you?
are out of the question because how is story (narrative),
and why is unknowable unless you come to the inevitable conclusions.
Which include: 1) Absurdity – that’s why.
2) Entertainment and amusement – that’s why.
And 3) Absolutely no reason a thinking man could ever think of – that’s why.

So, where are you?
You are in a circular pattern, surrounded by and infused by lots of other circular patterns.
Galaxies and electrons around protons.
Systems without, and systems within.
Everything from solar systems to mitochondrial machine contraptions.
You are all of it.
You’re in it, of it.
And so entirely across it in an instant.
That’s where you are.
You’re everywhere and nowhere in the flash of a thought.

Now, back to our regular scheduled programming.