Play music

“Please, universal soul, practice some song, or something, through me.” – Rumi.

This is always happening and you rarely know it.
When you know it. . . when that happens, it really feels as if a song flows through you.

Actually, a song always flows through you.
It happens always – and sometimes the character you crafted steps on the notes.
And sometimes the design of that character is what is the constant stepping on the notes.

So what to do? Kill the character so the song can play more clearly elsewhere?
No thanks.

Redesign the character to play a different way in what seems to be the symphony sung by others?
No way.
That is no symphony.
That is a four chord garage band bleating about lies, money and despair of a manufactured kind.

A redesigned character would need features that play music of a god and for a god.
To the exclusion of the bleating chorus outside.

I AM has those features.
Strip down to those features and leave the character behind.

And what exactly is playing music of a god for a god?
It would seem to be a delighting of the self from one tight moment to the next and connecting those into a pattern of joy.
But here we are again at dipshit words, like joy and delighting and self and moment.
‘Overly dripping with sugar’ words.
Distracting words.
Lie words that tell the old design character his language schooling was successful and he understands nothing about anything.

Strip down to these features and leave the character behind.
Play music of a god for a god.
Act musically.
Forget the audience.

Can you act musically from step to step?
Act includes that old character.
So no, not quite that.

And yes, of course, no mind for an audience called god.
That might just be one of those words mentioned earlier.

Simpler, simply.
Play music.
Play with no expectation as to outcome.