The cinema

And a mystic said, ‘Brains are no place for serious thinking.’

Adherents sat in a crowded cinema – chained to their seats.
Some hollered at the screen, as if they were in the movie.
Some saw the heaviest and most unbreakable of iron links.
Of those, most were convinced a jailer in the movie held the keys to their unlocking.
Some saw a set of keys right next to the padlocks and were too scared to use them.
Some looked downward and startled at the sight of Styrofoam, phony movie set chains.
A small number rubbed their eyes and noticed the image of chains on their bodies fading away.
A smaller number rose from their seats, backs turned to the screen.
And a subset of that group walked past a prohibitive “emergency exit” and out into sunshine.
One in a million launched out past the sun, avoiding the rule of son.
A theater certainly no place for serious contemplation.