Ways through

It was said the only way out is through.
It can be a short way or a long way.
All the ways through these pages are short.
What is revealing itself?
The sunrise.
The cups overflowing.
The animals.
The way people are.
The dreams.
The structures.
The rules.
The bumpers.
The games.
The entanglements.
The achievers and non-achievers.
The truths and the untruths.
What am I in all of this?
What is all of this?
Is survival required?
Let’s say you are Hanks in Cast Away.
How do you live?
You find, cook and eat what’s here.
You watch the stars reveal and retreat.
You wonder why.
You walk the garden.
You marvel at the mystery and see no mystery.
You wake and sleep.
That’s the pattern.
You do and don’t.
You give thanks when none seems merited,
and more lovely comes pouring forth.
What are these sprouting seeds on your trail?